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A little about me!!

I am glad you're here! I started my journey empowering people working as a Social Worker. I had BIG dreams of becoming a therapist and being in private practice. I attended Kean University for Undergrad and soon after obtained my MSW with a clinical concentration from Fordham University. Over the last 10 years, I've gained experience working in residential treatment facilities, clinical therapy, child welfare and non profit management. Even though I was impacting change while gaining valuable experience and knowledge --i could not help but notice how unhappy I was. My big dreams of being a therapist began to fade as burn out quickly set in. 

Then I started to think.... is this field for me????

I am a person who believes I was bought on this earth to serve a purpose, to change lives, to create change for various people so their livelihood could be better. For years, I thought I was on the correct path to fulfilling my dreams but the reality was wasn't fulfilled .....and that was devastating to me.....


It was the summer of my 30th Birthday that I began my deep internal reflectionsI was looking for the answers to questions that I thought I knew!!! I remember thinking  "Come on!! I JUST turned 30 I should know all of this already!" I  thought I had a good handle on life!! lol! Yeaaaa right! The questions that arose were Who I am? What did I want out of my life? What made me happy? And most importantly ...How was I going to get there? All of these questions took a lot of time to answer because what I thought I wanted was not my reality. During this time, stress was at an all time high at work including my own personal struggles. This was a dark time for me. During this time, I  gained weight 30+ pounds -- my highest was weigh in was 200 lbs.


I was eating EVERYTHING under the sun to pacify my internal pain. 


While was sinking deeper and deeper into my internal reflection ( and overall depression) I started going to a kickboxing class as a way to cope when i was frustrated at work( Who doesn't like to kick and punch $hit! LOL). I was going there and other fitness class around NYC 5-6x a week (As a result, I started to lose the weight I gained).  It was through an emotional breakdown with a friend that I found my light. I remember her asking me "What makes you happy?" A question that i was trying to answer for over a year but could not answer.... suddenly came to me in that moment. I quickly responded "Fitness. Fitness makes me happy" It was there I felt the flood gates of joy and awakening open up. I birthed a new vision! My new vision was to help people be their best self not only mentally and emotionally but PHYSICALLY too via fitness! I remember thinking.....


I can merge both of my passions together. I was over joyed!


My journey to becoming a Fitness Instructor began in January 2015. I resigned from my full time Social Work job in July 2015( scary decision but I have NOT looked back since). I became fully trained in Barre and started teaching in September 2015; obtained my Personal Training certification from NASM in October 2015; earned my Classical Mat Pilates certification from Power Pilates in April 2016 then became trained to teach on the Megaformer( Lagree Fitness) by SLT NYC in August 2016. 

Currently, I am teaching throughout NYC and NJ, continuously motivating people to make wellness and lifestyle changes that will over time impact their life in ways they could not imagine. I do this by


Incorporating my invaluable skills as a social worker.


My newest endeavor is becoming a Doula, I can not be more excited to serve as a mental, physical and emotional support for mom's to be AND women during pre conception. My overall vision is to infuse all of my many disciplines ( social work/coaching/therapy/wellness and fitness) to impact and empower all women including women before, during and after pregnancy.