I wanted to create a program that empowers women to OWN THEIR CURVES as they journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle. I wanted to create a program where women can pour into themselves through movement as they become stronger both mentally and physically. Countless Curves is a 360 approach to assisting women to make lifestyle changes. There are weekly and monthly worksheets and journal entries that promote behavior change as you work through every round of the program.  I am excited for everyone to experience this and FEEL GOOD! 


Countless Curves is a 4-week lifestyle transformation guide that includes: Full Body workouts, Nutrition Guidance by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Over 50 affirmations, Pilates workout, weekly and monthly progress worksheets, meditations + MORE! 


You will need moderate to heavyweights(dumbbells), resistance bands and a mat is optional. 


** The ebook is a downloadable PDF**

Countless Curves: 4 Week Lifestyle Guide