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 Pillars of Wellness

Physical:  Our body is a temple. Honor it. Through consistent movement along with appropriate progression as needed; obtaining adequate sleep of at least 7 to 9 hours a night; appropriate hygiene and healthy/nutritious diet; create rituals of self care.

Emotional: Feelings count too! Take a continuous pulse of your feelings by identifying, assessing and sharing your them when necessary to friends, family and loved ones. The ability to navigate through feeling effectively and successfully with aid to overall growth and healing.

Mental: Thoughts become words; words become actions. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. We are what we think and become products of those thoughts that we consistently embrace. Surround yourself with words, affirmations and beliefs that support your ability to vibrate on a higher frequency so you can continue to make strides towards dreams and aspirations.

Spiritual: Having a sense of direction, discovering your purpose and realizing the meaning of your life is important. Take time to yourself to connect to a higher power or nature on a spiritual level by prayer or meditation. Spiritual health is about personalizing your journey.