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Hello There!

I'm Bianca Crystal

Licensed Social Worker & Movement Coach! Here to help women ( like you) heal your mind, body and soul via movement and wellness.


"Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle & Gorgeous at the end" 

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YOU don't have to go through this beautiful transformational journey alone!

But Guess what?! 

Work with Me 



Wanna MOVE with me? I love to have you come to my fitness classes throughout NYC.

Or do you want train 1x1 to work toward moving better, feeling better & becoming the BEST you?

Find out how 



Does the desire for overall lifestyle change haunt you but you feel so stuck in your old habits that the thought of creating new habits seem unattainable?

Find out how I can assist in facilitating change in your life via lifestyle and wellness coaching. 

I LOVE Instagram! Follow me!

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